January 28, 2011

Animation Snaps

Been meaning to post this for a while. Took some photos around the CCA campus around the end of the semester and thought it would be cool to post them up here; virtual tour!

Entrance to the animation building

Lobby area where they put in some sweet new light tables and stools.

More light tables, we call it: Peg Bar.

Took this one later, right before the animation pizza party at the end of the semester- thought it looked cool...

We got four huge white boards in the animation halls that are wicked fun to draw on. Just recently the shipment of earth magnets got in; too exciting.

Another board down the hall.

Storyboarding room! They used to have corked walls, but they took them down and now we're supposedly going to get some white boards with some small strong earth magnets to go along to pin up the boards.

Soundbooth- never been in here but I hear odd noises coming out of here all the time.

This is where most of the animation classes are held, they all have intuos 4s on them

Some have small cintiqs

StopMo Lab where we shoot pencil tests and other animation classes are held. No lunchboxes, but we shoot with Flipbook/iStopMotion and it works well.

Senior Lab! Cozy place fully equipped with huge cintiqs and some sweet macs. For some reason my key card worked at the start of the semester, so I snapped some pictures- can't wait to work from here some day. For now, the general labs on campus will have to do.

Another shot     

CloseUp to Cintiq

That's it!

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