January 30, 2011

2nd semester cca

In about two weeks spring semester at cca's animation program and I've got to say, it is awesome:

Animation 2 -Hans Brekke
3D Animation 1 - Edward Gutierrez
Ethics - Stephanie Ellis
Illustration 1 - Barron Storey
Bodies in Motion - Jean Opperman

Quick rundown: Brekke makes wolves and other stuff move at Tippett he also worked at Massive Black which is soo sick. Gutierrez has credits in tons of Disney movies and he graduated Calarts, which is pretty cool. Barron Storey is Barron Storey, seriously, his students include Dan Clowes and Scott McCloud! How sick is this?! His work is insane and he's always telling awesome old school illustration stories, favorite part: you tell him how you were referencing some old school illustrator/comic book artist and he replies: "oh yeah, I knew Jimmy"- calls em by their first name all nonchalantly. Lastly, Jean Opperman, this class is like figure drawing on speed. It's also more focused on the constructionist aspect of figure; a bit different than figure drawing last semester.

Also, I'm still geeking out about this: I'm totally kind of auditing Visual Storytelling with Mark Andrews. Yes, it is awesome and still can't  believe any of this.

Alright, anyway, hopefully some of the awesomeness rubs off in my work; here's a sketch dump:

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Anonymous said...

Damnit lucky i wanted to take the visual storytelling class...but i guess ill have to take it when i come back in the fall.