December 3, 2010


Sooo stoked. Things are looking awesome for the animation department here at CCA, we got that sweet light table station, that really looks more like a bar, but I digress.  We're supposed to be getting some sweet metallic dry erase boards installed on the walls of the animation halls so we can draw to our hearts content on them. They're also supposedly going to put them in the storyboarding room, so we no longer have to tape the damn boards to the wall (we will use tiny earth magnets!). They used to have corked walls, but for whatever reason they were removed

In addition to that, the work I've been seeing from people is downright inspiring, one guy just went through his second ream of animation paper for his final. It actually feels what I imagine Calarts must maybe feel like, which is no surprise because the the professor who teaches their class graduated from there.

Anyway, I'm still struggling with animation, but slowly getting there. I've actually picked up a lot of stuff from just animating with these other animation students in the "animation bar". That and the After Effects animation Lyndon has been making us do, have, for some reason, really, really helped. Anyway, I still don't have my final done, but this is a small projects Lydon gave us over the weekend:

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