November 16, 2010

Flour Sac Animation

Wooot, first flour sac exercises here at CCA for my animation class; so excited.

I kind of really messed up though. Lyndon didn't like the fact that I gave it something resembling feet, so I might have to scrap this for the final project. Since, this is what this is, just a part of the final. We're supposed to have two distinct looking flour sacs, one coming in, the other maybe coming in as well, then they meet up, one says something to the other, and the other reACTS. Each flour sac is also supposed to have a distinct personality, so I also failed on that part.

However, I did what I really wanted to do, and that was just animate something that reads well. I've been having a real hard time with that, and I think I'm on the right track; now to give it some personality. We're having an acting coach coming in on Wednesday so that should help- sweeet.

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