November 4, 2010

Figure Drawing & Editing

Figure Drawing at CCA has been pretty awesome. I was kind of bummed out at first that our prof wasn't hardcore on the anatomy, but...starting to get that there's more to a nice drawing than a super awesomely rendered arm. It's rather strange actually, learning that lots of things are like that, animation, storyboarding, there's always more to it than just the technical, what's even stranger is that it's usually emotion. Reminds me of a book our editing prof at MDC had us read; In The Blink of an Eye, where Murch actually places emotion at #1 when evaluating where one should cut, how, and why:

  • Emotion (51%) — Does the cut reflect what the editor believes the audience should be feeling at that moment?
  • Story (23%) — Does the cut advance the story?
  • Rhythm (10%) — Does the cut occur "at a moment that is rhythmically interesting and 'right'?
  • Eye-trace (7%) — Does the cut pay respect to "the location and movement of the audience's focus of interest within the frame" ?
  • Two-dimensional plane of the screen (5%) — Does the cut respect the 180 degree rule?
  • Three-dimensional space of action (4%) — Is the cut true to the physical/spatial relationships within the diegesis?

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