October 26, 2010


Not very happy with this, except with maybe the beginning overlapping action where I can really get a sense of this weight just coming down, stretching, holding and slowly coming back up and snapping back up into the wobble up top. I kind of copped out at the 2nd over look and just did a a static hold, when I really should've taken a page from cg and gone with some type of moving hold like I had at the beginning, or maybe something Hertzfeldt and have it shakey cam.

I also toned it down a bit from last time. Used to have this exaggerated Tex Avery anticipation (is this possible?) and major jump, but after some critique it maybe was a bit much anticipation, or:

"Most animators will tell you, you never want anticipation for anticipation. If you do that, your tipping off the audience of the anticipation for your action." - Lyndon 
Yo Dawg.

Anyway, here's the final:

Midterm from Michael Barquero on Vimeo.

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