October 26, 2010

Overlapping Man

Being at CCA, sometimes you take for granted that most of one's animation professors are from Pixar, if not from Pixar, then Tippett or some other major company (which is totally awesome). It didn't hit me until earlier today that Daniel Gonzales, a CCA alumni who got hired at Pixar straight from school, came into to our class gave us a small assignment and gave us the opportunity to have it critiqued for whoever wanted to show up Saturday afternoon and talk about animation in general; essentially a one on one critique.

Anyway, since we were on the topic of overlapping action, he gave us this character who comes in swooping from the sky, lands and comes back a bit. Our assignment was to draw in the cape and if we wanted to, add the inbetweens wherever we thought the spacing needed it. My initial one kinda sucked a lot but got a few pointers after the critique, so, here's the result:

[note: Don't know why but vimeo cut up the bit where I added the title card: "my inbetweens". So, the first cycle is Gonzales' work, the 2nd cycle with the cape is the addition of my inbetweens.]

Untitled from Michael Barquero on Vimeo.

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