October 15, 2010

Orange Cut - Beat Boards

Yet another assignment from Cooley's class, as he said himself:

"You can read all about it [storyboarding], all the books you want on storyboarding, but the only way you're going to get any better is by actually doing it".

We were supposed to come up with a short story and come up with what is called "beat boards" which is a storyboard type thing but stripped to bare essentials and will usually require some narration from the person pitching the idea.

Anyway, terrible job over all, but critiques helped for next assignment. For the record, story is harder than I thought.


Basically a story about a dude trying to steal some oranges, but the barber across the street sees him. Oddly enough, the barber is some sort of ex mercenary dude who takes it upon himself to deal with the thief after he threatens a child's life in order to make his escape.


B E A T      B O A R D S

guy sneaking from behind

cut barber noticing something

high angle shot of thief making away with oranges

barber mad

thief takes kid hostage

barber springs to action

barber springs from orange crates

barber's got thief pinned

barber saves kid

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