October 15, 2010

Animation/Story Notes and Sketches (1/2)

Hm...seems like blogger doesn't like taking ~200 photos at once...

Anyway, trying to sketch more without really caring about the render of it. More on the emotion, gesture and trying to convey an idea. Dunno, seeing Cooley sketch these little figures during critique by your own work really puts a flame under your belly. The fact that he does these in literally 10 seconds and it still has more character and shows it with more clarity than something you spent three hours just thinking about is a mindheist, man.

So, ya, these gestures are horrendous, but...gotta start somewhere. 

Pardon the bad pictures, I usually like to  crop these and touch em up a bit with the levels and what not in photoshop to make it look a bit more like the real thing, I guess professional looking. However...1) Cropping and rotating 200+ pictures takes time I could be using on actual work, 2) Trying to adopt the Warhol mindset where he refers to his art practice as a "factory" where art just gets made, and made, and made; no "preciousness", just art making- love that.

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