September 24, 2010

Cool(ey) Visual Storyboarding

California College of the Arts Animation is awesome (that's for you robots.txt).

Schedule's looking like this:
Animation I w/ Andrew Lyndon
Figure Drawing w/ Yee Jan Bao
Visual Storyboarding w/ Joshua Cooley
1950s Film w/ Marc Le Sueur
History of Film w/ Federico  Windhausen (whom I always confuse with Harryhausen...) 

I mainly came to the CCA animation program for the professors here and boy have they come through. They're just brilliant all around and what's great is that they are interested more in the film aspect of animation than anything else. Which is very intimidating since I never really was able to afford the cinemas as a kid so don't really know much about fims. The library here has loads of movies to check out though and I saw a copy of Nosferatu calling my name the other day.

Just very excited to be studying this and my humanity classes are something awesome. Started studying Méliès works, going on to D.W. Griffith and did indeed watch Birth of a Nation; brilliant film. Red scare, blacklists, unions, social oppression; fun stuff. 

Also, I'm not sure, but it was mentioned that we are going to have a speaker coming around here to talk to us cca animation students. Pixar is literally only 10 minutes away, and the bay area is full of animation sudios, so here's hoping for something cool.

Anyway, this assignment was for Cooley's storyboarding class. Love, love the class because it made me realize how I really don't know a thing about movies and have some catching up to do. Still, cinema shares lots with other arts; composition still applies, lighting, story arcs, so I'm not completely lost.

The assignment was (paraphrasing here) to pick a character and draw em in their environment. Why are they there? who are they? what are they doing? why? why? why?

I went with Raul the Butcher: 

From this scene I tried to suggest he was mad at the detective type up front, maybe because he was trying to hide something (camera angle towards opened door of weaponry), and wouldn't leave. Maybe a bit Psycho (scene where Arbogast interrogates Bates), tried to give the setting a bare feeling with only a couple of meats put up to barely pass as a butcher, as to reveal his lack of skill in putting up a front. Wanted to give him a military vibe, so made him a bit Clint Eastwood and a bit Ian Mckellen. Thought about pinning a medal on him, but..too much?

Here are some studies I did prior:

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