August 5, 2010


Hrm, so got a couple of more sketches here, mainly getting back to anatomy. Having trouble just trying to get a general feel for the human form. Really digging this book though: Classic Human Anatomy. Nicely organized and if you had to get just one (anatomy) book, this is one to consider. Doesn't really get into construction and foundation, but it starts to explain more the reason for the muscle, origin and insertion. Only other book I've seen do that is Sheldon Borenstein's, not as well executed though and the book itself is just binded white printer paper. The writing also complements the drawings very well.

Also, if you haven't had the pleasure: Robert Beverley Hale

The drawings here are a mix of books I pulled from the shelf, some studies of  various objects for my 3d design class. Oh! and a study of a pair of quaker parrots we now own; they're awesome.

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