August 5, 2010


Last project, wood project.

Objective: Think of a theme. Choose seven object; found or made. One must be made by one and of wood at that. These objects must then be wrapped. Three of seven objects must meet criteria:

1) Explain theme
2) Direct correlation between in and out
3) Want to open

The actual instructions were indeed vague, but that just meant more room to work with, which is double-edged good/bad.

I chose Dante's Inferno (sooo original). It was kind of interesting to work with a theme that as been done to death though, since it just means having to devise a new way to look at the epic.

Inspirations did come from Boticelli's own interpretation, which I just ogled for hours after my prof told me about them. The doodles, which are in each container (read: circle), were more afteDürer intaglio work. I originally wanted to put in relief at each side of the block, and was thinking that inside each container should go a wooden maquette of some notable entity found inside each respective circle. I however have never done either those things and the deadline was fast approaching.

The containers were all made by hand; I learned to use all kinds of wonderful weapons machines (air powered nail gun ftw) I hadn't seen since I took wood shop in middle school, and then some. The most interesting part of the assignment was trying to figure out a way to wrap the seven objects. I came up with this container (inferno) with a box at the bottom to represent the dark abyss of the 9th circle, and the areas between the string and top of the containers to suggest the 1st.

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