August 5, 2010


Alright, got finished with some classes at the CC last week. I really only needed a Physics w/Calc class to complete the aa (HUGE SUCCESS), but I took a couple more classes for kicks. One of them: 3D design.

I can't find the 1st project I did which was with craft paper because I put it somewhere so that it would be safe and I don't quite remember where that was. I'll post up when I do get it. Anyway, this was the 2nd project: The Plaster Project.

Mission: Find seven objects. Sketch them, know them, and with that info chisel out a form that integrates these objects into a unique form.

The best part about this project was making the plaster block. It involves water, molding plaster, a bucket, and an empty carton of OJ for the block (mold). Now I can get to some chiseling practice. I also picked another cool trick involving dental alginate, which means casts from which to draw from! yes!  

For the actual chiseling, I used three wood chisels (1",3/4",1/2") and 220 grit drywall screens to smooth it out.

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