March 27, 2010

Water House

Decided to give watercolors a chance since I started using ink. Don't remember why I didn't like using them, they're actually tons of fun.

Anyway, developments, developments, revoltin' developments; I jest. I recently came home to a package from the federal express, in it, a letter- from Ringling. They were letting me know that I had been awarded a Dreamworks Scholarship. I then got an e-mail from Amy Fischer with a video from Katzenberg in it.

I'm still really blown away by it, what I loved mostly was the personalized letter from the Dean; awesome. I've also gotten scholarships from other schools, and still thinking about it. Money is still a huge issue even with Dreamworks' generous award. The most realistic choice right now is UCF, still...Ringling might be possible.

I want to get excited, but...gonna hold it in until I can see the whites of McCampbell's eyes.

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