February 4, 2010

Landscape theme

So my theme isn't as cool as some of the other kids in my class, "dragons" and "medieval scenes" or classic works like Hieronymus Bosch's Garden of Earthly Delights all painted with lego character usurpers. It is however, a very enjoyable one for me.

I've never really done landscaping before, but I started realizing how weak I was with environments. I also needed to get out of my batcave for something other than school or exercise. Theme: Miami Landscapes.

It's actually rather interesting to go to these places you used to go to as a kid and experience them again years later. It's a different mood, a different ambiance, a different emotion, yet...you still remember the time spent there and where you are now and look back at the series of events that propagated, the things you experienced that got you to feel how you now feel.

I think some Romantic landscape studies are in order...Turner? or Friedrich?

Also...for any locals (assuming I have an audience), I got a tip about a landscape artist who lives around the Miami area (inspiring stuff) : Erik Speyer

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