December 26, 2009

Paint Final

Wrapped up painting and it was just spectacular. We got demos from two awesome artists, one from Joe Gyurcsak and the other from Olivier Cass.

Both gave very different, yet similar techniques for painting (isn't it all?). Joe Gyurcsak was a little more impressionistic, very impasto, fresh, and impulsive, still was very naturalistic.

Olivier Cass' was a very exciting demo, he did the whole thing the way I've been reading these ARC ateliers and academies do it. He set up the canvas right next to the model (sight-size), made the envelope around the model, started carving in the figure, very Anthony Ryder. I would later find out he actually studied with Anthony Ryder and did attend the Florence Academy of Art.

What's great is, I found out from him that there's actually an atelier in south Florida, so if any locals read this and want some 19th century French Academic training in their lives: Romero Hidalgo Studios. Haven't visited and it's not ARC approved (that I know of) but, this is still pretty awesome.

Anyway, just a few self portraits, classmate models, and landscapes from around town. Having a lot of problems with my flesh tones, but I'm a little more aware of planes now, and it's helped my drawing a bit.

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