December 29, 2009

A.D.A.M & E.V.E '09- Miami

Can't say enough about how great this event was and what it's trying to do for South Florida as far as the animation and digital arts community is concerned.

The Animation Digital Arts Media & Electronic Visual Effects took place for the first time this year at the Miami Science Museum, headed by Noreen Legault who is also responsible for the South Beach International Animation Festival.

The event took place the 27th and 28th, days in which speakers shared their knowledge and where opportunity for networking was plentiful. Brief summary of the event:

Guy Manos Director/Stuntman

Spoke a bit about his history and presented a very interesting perspective using pre-vis to justify a new generation of low cost, quality film-making where it's really not all about the director and more about a blueprint for the "creative vision" that can be shared with everyone else involved with the film.

Jesus Bacca & Roman Cuzan Animators/Illustrators

Outlined the development of a character from concept to a realized model.

Matt Peterson from the National Parks Service

Applications for 3D modeling other than features and games, it can be used to visualize the slow decay of our ecosystem, especially coral reefs.

Miguel Oubina from Nuclei 3D

Went over the Unreal Dev Kit and answered questions with regards to importing models into the engine.

Leslie L. Krensky from SAG

Overview for actors and voice talents in animation, games, and many other non-traditional mediums such as mobiles.

Yvette Ferry & Alisha Vera for marketing and social media

Presented the various uses of social media for marketing.

Unfortunately I forgot my camera and was not able to record this one, however, George Moss from gmoss design did get a clip from what was probably my favorite presentation:


Oh, and on location was Infinite Bits, they provided a collection of video games from Pong to PS3, as well as a session of Rock Band at the end. I had never actually seen, much less played with an actual Atari Pong console or even a 2600, I was really stoked and surprised at how addicting pitfall is and how difficult space invaders was.

There was also a screening of Machinima from around the world, as well as a best of '09 from the Ottawa International Film Festival.

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