October 30, 2009

Exploding Paper!

That's what my animation class whom I will hopefully be working with to make a small station bump for the MDCTV calls this technique.

This short though was made completely on my own though. Oddly enough it was for my color & comp class though. In which, my prof for that class seems to embrace animation more than other profs I've had (which is awesome). The "limitations" for this was basic shapes. The actual assignment wasn't an animation at all though, but she leaves that door open if we wish to go through.

Assignment: [Using four shapes create compositions where the original form is not known by cutting it and rearranging. Then do the same thing but where the original shape is obvious].

I tried to interpret that into animation using the materials requested and came up with a generic story, and rather drawn out storyboard that produced this:

Shapes from Iggy K on Vimeo.

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Alexis said...

Beautiful!! I loved it!