August 28, 2009

Crow Quill

Just couldn't resist trying out a dip pen. Grabbed a Speedball pen set that came with the standard pen and the crow quill. Matched it with a small jar of Higgins ink, and it's been working a treat. The Higgins ink doesn't bleed through the page like the fountain pen I had tried did.

The best part about the crow quill is that it forces you to be a little more confident with your strokes. There is not going back and forth with a nib (I'm pretty sure this is why writing in cursive was all the rage before the ball point came to be). If you try going back with the nib, you'll either pierce the paper, or stutter the nib making ink splash all over the paper. It also encourages you to make longer strokes, depending on the nib of course. Provided you're using a nib that releases more ink (the longer more flexible type), the long strokes just start to feel like they have a more sense of weight and unity; a pleasure to use.

Still getting used to the wrist movements needed to complete those long strokes, I think it may be because I'm used to moving fast and rather haphazardly with the pencil and regular pens.

Mostly Bridgman here. The only other thing are just some still life sketches.


Martin W. said...

Hey, very nice studies in here. I think its great youre still up and working, thats wonderful. Theres much more proficiency in these drawings compared to earlier ones. wow.
speaking of studying, you may find this interesting:
Sheldon Borenstein: "see feel trace draw". Its a book. she stresses the importance of drawing from reference and then trying to draw it from mind. And repeat if necessary. I think this is a great way to study and it may be more effective than copying the same arm over and over again. Give it a try, maybe it works for you :)

keep it up man,


Iggy said...

Ah, found something on conceptart.

Thanks for the recommendation, never heard of Sheldon. From the looks of his website it loos like structured instruction, similar to Nicolaides, no?

Hm, really was needing this actually. I'm a bit more comfortable now sketching things from reference, but...from the mind; I'm terribly weak.

Martin W. said...

youre welcome.
lol i thought sheldon was a girls name..
and no, its actually not that instructional. Hes just giving you some life drawings and wants you to "see feel trace draw" them. No special schedules or smth.