July 12, 2009

The Grind

Haven't posted for many reasons, but notably however, I was recently involved in an accident that it really is a miracle I am alive and even more, well. My ol' '93 camry got totaled and I got charged for damaging a tree. I hit no one else, did not break a bone in my body; got out with scrapes, a severely damaged lip which is now healing from stitching, and a few bruises.

I have no idea how it happened as I was unconscious up until I was being pushed about into the hospital. I think it was mostly due to lack of sleep and a meager banana for breakfast. Anyway, and to my...not dismay, maybe shock- or just surprise; life goes on. Homework is still due, Conan still puts on his show, the Marlins still play their baseball, nothing stops.

I am posting up some assignments from my architecture classes. I don't like architecture. It's not fulfilling, It actually depresses me, I'm only doing it because a withdrawal looks bad on a transcript and I don't want a bad grade in the class.

It's one thing to dream up a building, to invent the facade, set in marvelous windows and doors, but it's quite another to make it actually work. To make sure everything lines up well, make sure the contractor can read it, make sure you have the right materials, and make sure everything is just perfect.

Have learned quite a couple of things though, most useful though was 1 point perspective using the grid, 2 point perspective using the office method, orthographic projections, and elevations.

I digress:

Have the plan for this plan-oblique somewhere

1 point perspective of the plan at the bottom

Isometric of the plan below

Vellum is obscenely expensive

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