July 12, 2009

Figure Drawing

I like this class. I like it a lot.

Got some help from a friend here about paying attention to the shadows more than the outline; better put: get off the outlines.

I'm also starting to realize, or at least acknowledge the play between an object's edge and what surrounds that object. After some help I'm also trying to better the values in my drawings by understanding (trying to) the quote:
"your lightest dark is darker than your darkest light"

I've heard it before, but never really understood, now I'm starting to. This advent actually makes drawing a whole lot harder, since...shading, even up to now merely consists of trying to get my values just enough so I can tell what the object is, but not really the placement in space related to other objects.

Still got about four weeks I believe in figure drawing, here's eight weeks:

One thing about this one (the one above) I actually didn't do all of it. Our substitute prof had us shift five times counter clock-wise from easel to easel for five minutes and work on our neighbors drawing. So...I just set up the drawing, everything else was darkened and the face especially was detailed by someone else.

Pardon the fade on some of these, when I had my car accident, I guess the impact was so violent that it unsettled some of the vine charcoal. I now have fixative.

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