May 2, 2009


Been pretty darn busy with finals lately, so I did not have the time to snap photographs of each sketch, edit in photoshop, and upload. I did keep up with my drawings though, even if I did have to make up some sessions in one day. That's all behind now and with a two week break I am looking forward to executing some exercises out of the Richard Williams book.

I did recently acquire both volumes of Walt Stanchfield Drawn to Life recently. This book, or the notes rather, were recommded to me over at ConceptArt some time ago to help me with my gestures and to really develop my technique. Unfortunately the notes that were up at AnimationMeat, were taken down after a request from Dee Stanchfield (Walt's wife), after stating she was in the process of compiling the vast codex that had been circulated from animator to animator for years now.

Well, I waited and now I have it, and do recommend it- a lot. The intense understanding and original xeroxes of many of the notes makes this compilation a must have. So much to read! argh!

Anyway, more studies from Hultgren, Gray, got some more Bridgman now that I understand the skeletal system a bit better, I also got in sketches from the epic work of Muybridge. I've begun color studies as well. I purchased a six-pack of earth tone pitt pens, and got to work with some studies from the Masters, see if you can identify them! Four of the very obvious ones to me are from the High Renaissance, the Baroque in the Netherlands (yeah...I pretty much gave the answer), and the last two from the age of positivism, won't say the movements because it'll give one of them away.

Main reason for the color is due to the heavy importance studios place on color theory and how it impacts the audience. Which, I only really understood after reading up on the Impressionists and the Romantics before.

Enough babble.

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