April 3, 2009

South Beach Animation Festival

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Welp, it has been a week since I attended this marvelous event. Headed out to Tower Theater at about 12pm and got back about 1am.

I really have to give the festival its dues; will try with this post. Not only do I appreciate its gumption in actually holding such an event in South Florida, where "culture" as far as animation goes is very limited, but the fact they got Bill Plympton and John Canemaker was just amazing.

I was able to record all of the lectures, but...don't want to get anyone in trouble, so...if anyone's ever around the Miami area, hit me up for some great sound bites from all the lectures including the local animator that showed up Jesus Bacca.

The other lecture by Michael Ball was a very interesting discussion on HD and what it means for the indie filmmaker. Very technical (at least for me), but for that reason I love it all the more.

The next lecture was, by the local animator Jesus Bacca who, other than what is written in that link, talked about what it means, at least for him, to be an animator.

Bill Plympton's presentation was nothing short of awesome. Really gave a great talk on what it meant for him to be an indie animator despite the pipe dreams probably all animators post disney's first golden age have had: "I want to work for Disney". What was great to hear was how he actually first applied to work for Disney and never got a reply, then when he went big with "Your Face" I believe (correct if wrong), Disney came a knockin', sent out their lawyer to make a million dollar deal with Mr. Plympton. He turned them down after learning they basically would own his creative life from there on out.

Anyway, great presentation and definetely recommend if he shows up around your area, espcially for those that are thinking of going at it themselves.

Best for last (In my opinion), Mr. John Canemaker showed up. Actually, and this was just probably a once in a life time experience, I got to have a great conversation with him before he lectured. I actually wasn't sure if he was who he was, but after I got introduced by one of the coordinators at the festival, I was a bit star struck. You hear these names mentioned on podcasts, in books, websites and when you finally get to meet the actual person, it really is a great burst of inspiration mixed with utter humility.

He gave me some great advice about animation (give, no?) and about what I should try to do, to be an animator. He also introduced me to some fellow animators (which...I honestly had no idea even existed in South Florida), who were actually really serious about their study, certainly most that anyone I've met in person so far, and maybe even more than I.

I guess I have indulged enough in this, but bottom line for me, what I learned:

Work on your art, try your best, submit to festivals, go to festivals, and network. That's all there really is to it, eventually something HAS to happen.

"I have never seen, not succeed a drop of water, against a stone. One doesn't do anything. But if the same stupid water goes *sfx of water splashing*, sooner or later, 5 years or 10 years, it will break the stone."
-Jesus Bacca, South Beach Animation Festival '09

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