February 20, 2009


More sketches from the Ken Hultgren book. Studied some skulls for a bit to try and figure out how exactly all these expressions and features are structured by the skull. Found it a bit easier to map out the general expression, then start the upper portion of the skull and set in the jaw according to expression (talking, surprised, screaming, etc).

Have soo much more to learn about this, but for now I'm going to move down the book, hopefully things will click, or at least I'll get back to it.

On a great note, my books have arrived and they are:

Bridgman's constructive anatomy, Bridgman's life drawing, Hultgren's the art of animal drawing (actual book, not e-book), Nicolaides' the natural way to draw, and Da Vinci's notebooks.

I probably won't even read one of those in completion by this or next month, but the goal is to do it soon; still great reference (espeically the notebooks).

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