December 19, 2008

Sketchbook Dump

Trying to do a sketch a day with some support from's forums, so...I guess daily updates from now on:

Rendered in photoshop, practicing rendering. For some reason, I get this cob-web effect going afer too much messing around with it. Think I have to be more decisive with my "planes".

My rottie, not done yet, but will probably move on.

Me as a kid, will probably update later.

Leaving the illustration stuff for later, need more foundations.
Man, this is sooo bad, added it for shits and giggles. Done, in photoshop, probably my...3rd thing ever done on a wacom.

Painting, must start with the burnt umber first of course.

Painting study

Less abstract renderings

Pencil-fied, such strong muscles!

Never drawn a horse before, so studies are in order.

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