December 14, 2008

Product Design


Things I have learned from this project:

1.Save constantly
2.When you save, don't overwrite, rename
3.Never save PDF first, then AI
4.Make sure to save before converting anything to a symbol...ANYTHING
5.Quick sketches suck for vectorizing
6.Always lock your reference picture

Needless to say, I'm glad I'm done with this. So many problems even though my layers were all great, (which did not even matter since symbols messed it all up). Oh, and that at the top is supposed to be its engine. I was also thinking of going back and adding gradients to it, to make it look realistic, but thanks to my negligence, I can't without going through repetitive steps that never had to be *not bitter*.

Anyway, assignment:

Vectorize a product of your choosing. Then make a quick sketch of a specific part of the product to zoom in on and vectorize that with a bubble at the top.

That's it for this semester, cataloging is complete. Next semester, Maya!!!

Here's the original pic:

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