December 19, 2008

Animation study

Well, since my college doesn't really offer an animation class (what we now have should really be called Maya 1), guess I'll have to do it on my own.

I got the Animator's Survival Kit by Richard Williams coming in from the library which I will buy soon, as well as the Illusion of Life (better late than never) by the late Ollie Johnston and Frank Thomas. I thought I already had it (Animator's Survival Kit), but...I don't. I do now have a book by Tony White that's pretty good though.

Having some troubles with getting the timing right. Heeding advice from the good people at, think I'm going to look more into dope sheets. I saw them once being used mainly for music and lip syncs, but guess they're used for more than that.

This animation, according to my calculations, runs on 4s, yes fours. Which is why it's sooo laggy. At the time I thought it was ok though, but guess it's not. If I add a velocity envelope or do anything to make the whole thing faster, I mess up the animation, even more severly. So, again, heeding some advice, I need more in betweens as well as getting off the legal pad and onto white paper.

Not too sure about getting on white paper, it's sooo expensive. So is legalpad though. Was considering doing this on flash, aniboom, pencil and those other animation programs, but I want to do traditional and get a feel at how these big companies used to do it.

A fix on this is coming soon, hopefully with this new animation club I'm starting at school, more of these will get done. Also working on buying a recorder to get my own stock sfx, looking for a good and cheap way to record ambient sounds (hot shoe?), as well as the small things. We will see...

Anyway, enjoy?


Elizabeth said...

why's it on fours? What software are you using?

Iggy K said...

I had no idea what it was even on at the time.

As for software, I'm using adobe premier and photoshop.