November 26, 2008


This one was for my illustrator class.

Assignment: Design a superhero by first sketching it out then scanning and vectorizing it.

I did do the sketches on paper first, about a dozen of them! To brainstorm some ideas. First I knew I wanted someone who was semi-realistic, mostly because I was itching to do some plane work with the face via vectors.

As for the hero, I wanted a rather unconventional one, no super strength or uber running, something a bit different. After finishing a powerpoint for art history on Aboriginal art, I had the lingering effects of these rustic people.

After kicking around some ideas and recalling Deidara from Naruto and the clay dude (think his name was the blob) who would transform into various weapons in Clayfighter and some influences from Persian and Egyptian art I settled on this dude, tentative name: Metalclay (ha).

Did I mention I got a nice wacom tablet about three weeks ago? Haven't gotten around to using it because of projects that have been bogging me down, but now I had a sort of obligation to use it. Totally want to experiment more with it. The pressure control and quick buttons are complete nirvana.

Name: Metalclay
Power: Convert clay to explosive metallic weapons

Close up on the face
Generic Castle Environment

Metalclay on Balcony

Only things of note really here as far as technicalities go, is that I built and layered each part of Metalclay so that he may be animated later on Flash. So, heh, there are literally a hundred layers from just limb parts to shadow layers.

I was going to go all out with the shadowing but it is time I moved on. The actual piece I turned in was:

I really wanted to see though what happened if I took out the outlines and did a more realistic cell shaded Charles Schwab (Commercial) - Rotoscope (Scanner Darkly) - Zelda (Wind Waker) - type thing.

As for the enviro, heh. I didn't even know we had to turn it in as part of the prorject, so I quickly made one in like 10 minutes in class and turned it in. I then went back and tweaked it some.

That's all folks. Next projects are going to be duds like the ones before (merchandising, product design and the ilk, bleh).

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Elizabeth said...

ooh cool. It's like painting with shapes!