November 24, 2008

Matt and Shiny

Write Out Loud Cafe gallery went great, cool local lounge bands played and we got a few spoken word poetry in the mix. Didn't stick around too long, just drank a bottle of water, chilled and left (it was like 12am, hot in Miami!). Here are the three I Matted some more to give it a more comic book feel:

I'm also messing around with this oil:

haven't had time to work on it, but I try to whenever I can. Again, this is oil, and I'm working this off a mirror. Doesn't really look like me, but I'll just have to fix that, or just get frustrated and just render it as is.

I just finished watching a tutorial by Shawn Barber; awesome stuff. Very inspirational and informative, so much that I placed and order for some turpenoid, liquin, galkyd, and meglip (yay financial aid). Never used any of them except for maybe turpenoid, but I use the turpentine my dad uses when he paints houses (have to dilute with water o.0).

For anyone interested, I started off with a pencil sketch on the back, and loosely went over my background. I thought the background was rather boring, so I fleshed out some images in my turpentine haze. The approach to this was to go back to a painting I did back in junior year where my thought was: pretend it's stone. But I gave it a twist and pretended I was working with clay.

Something I've noticed, working with clay, even if just playing around, really does help in creating links in your brain to memorize what you've drawn before with what you're sculpting, so when you go to paint, especially with oil, it's as if you're sculpting but with paint. My teacher back in highschool used to call it: working in planes

Once you've got the planes down it's just a matter of blending, if you're ever worked with clay or maya (or at least have seen videos of people using maya), think polygons vs. nurbs or when you go ahead and add some water to the clay to make it smooth.

Next up: Photoshop work and Illustrator, yes.

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