November 1, 2008

Logo design, yes.

Fabricate three company names and make a logo, logo + graphic, business card, envelope, and letter head:

Just a bit of info here:

Tim's Toolbox is an obvious take on Home Improvement's Tim Taylor (awesome show and person...from what I've seen). The store is supposed to be a type of mom and pop but with a more corporate feel hence the plain type and very rigid logo design.

Fruit Frenzy is supposed to be like a type of lounge bar that sells drinks and stuff of the ilk. Supposed to be a rather laid back but...serious environment. Deco Type I though conveyed that as well as the stylized pineapple out line, yes that's a pineapple.

Xilt Pens is a take from many sources. First being the old saying: "The pen is mightier than the sword". The actual store sells pens of various types mainly focusing on the art aspect with calligraphy which is why there's heavy emphasis on the clean wavy look of things. Going back to the name, the actual "xilt" comes from a combination of "hilt" from a sword and "xiphoid" from a sword shaped metal, so together, Xilt.

That's about is for this project. On a related note, I'm still not fond of graphic design. It's not too bad though, but ehck, I want to bring something to life! move!

More updates on the way...maybe.

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Elizabeth said...

those look really really nice. I love the fruit one, great feel.