November 14, 2008

Book Fair

So, there's this thing Miami Dade College hosts every year, the Miami Book Fair. Never been to it before, and since it takes place on campus and I had about four hours until class started, I decided to look around.

This year they had a Comic Galaxy section, where they invited a bunch of graphic novel publishers from Tokyo Pop to Darkhorse, it was pretty sweet. The best part had to be Udon front and center.

Not a huge Street Fighter fan like some people I know (insane), but I played it on the SNES, and played the SFII: Turbo with some friends some time ago, (got owned). But I couldn't pass up on having a sketch from an Udon crewmember.

He drew these with copics, three different shades of gray, and black. took him like 5 minutes, 10 max. I asked for Blanka, always loved that crazy orange hair. He started out with the nose, moved to the bridge and outlined the eyes, shadowed the hair, and went down to the hand, crept it up until he had the arm formed and finished off the hair, then drew some bits of the body, added some shadows, and ened with the energy waves around.

An interesting note, I did ask him how he got into the industry, how he started, etc. He said, he was always drawing and he would post up his drawings online and when Comic Con came, he went over to Capcom I believe it was (not sure if it was Udon, and he got transferred over) he showed his work, and got hired.

Told me he did attend art school for sometime, but dropped out because he really wasn't learning anything he couldn't manage on his own. Even though it's comics and not animation, I'm sure the same would be true.

Anyway, I also got myself a copy of Watchmen and Harry Potter 7, since I never got around to buying it when it was released (even though I used to religiously wait in front of my local drugstore to get a copy, since they had loads, and no one ever went to a drugstore to get their fix of hp).

Oh, and according to my art history teacher, the works I submitted are on the Write Out Loud Cafe in the book fair. Gonna go check it tomorrow, pretty sweet though, never had my work up anywhere o.o

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