September 23, 2008

Three Strip Paint!

Working on some pieces for a gallery opening my art teacher is hosting. The theme is "Graphic Novels". An odd theme, no? Well...anyway, the story is very general:

Guy goes to save damsel in distress, Guy has to fight a dragon/dinosaur, Guy enters castle, Guy gets a kiss from said girl =)

Even if it doesn't get in, since here in Miami people like the abstract/modern/contemporary art, I had a great time drawing the dinosaur/dragon; never drawn one before :D

Of course, not done, just put the pencil in (even though I usually like putting a carbon copy on top instead of effectively destroying the canvas with the pencil tip). Just need to make the outlines, add in the colors, and come in with more black to give it that comic book look, *cough* I mean "graphic novel" =D.

Reminds me of Dragon from Shrek...kinda.

Fortress! Got some inspiration from the Sleeping Beauty Castle o.0 *shh*

Hahah, you shoulda seen the legs when first put
in....looooong (if you look closely you can see them!)

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