September 15, 2008

Illustrator + Photoshop

Hi! Haven't updated this in quite a bit. Why? dunno really, time just seems to slip away-hmm...

Well...I have put that über huge animation I was working on, on hiatus, mainly due to my own sanity. Not because of the cutting those sheets by hand but because it (the content) was getting to my head, really.

So instead I'm trying to focus on more "lighter" stuff...everyone always tells me my work is "dark". So, here are some assignments I had to do on illustrator and photoshop:

Basic Shapes - Copied

Basic Shapes - Personalized

Basic Wanted Poster

Kinda liking Illustrator, so freaking sweet since tablet isn't needed, so until I get my hands on an intous, illustrator will be program of choice...maybe- traditional media pwns.

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