September 28, 2008

Clay: 2nd sculpture

I had done a sculpture based on the French Fry Guy (paintings below), but destroyed it after I tried to add armiture...and the fact I wanted to work on something else and had no money for more clay =D Anyway, this dude just came out of my head. For some reason, I like making things with big grins (I call it the joker complex).

As for the lighting, not trying to be pretentious or nothing, but my digicam (SD1100 IS) does not like taking pics in macro and not have the flash on. So, I had to go in and light things up with a flashlight. This guy is not done yet, I just play around with him when taking a break from some pretty intense painting/drawing time.

I find I kind of like modeling more than drawing...kinda. Animation much?

Tools: X-acto Knife, Switch Blade, Cotton Swabs, Tooth Pick, Pencil, and Flat Head Screwdriver - I need a job. Although...I will say a Flat Head Screwdriver is one hell of a sculpting tool o.0

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