July 3, 2008

Homemade Lightbox

I've always wanted a lightbox since I saw them on one of them "behind the scenes" segments, on abc I think it was, where they showed how they made animations. They're like 40 bucks now, but when I wanted one only place I could find them sold for $80.

I made it out of a cardboard box, 2 D type batteries, 20-AWG hook up wire, a switch, electric tape, aluminum foil, glue, 3V krypton lamp for flashlights, and a piece of glass I got from a photo frame.

Over all, it works really well. Tricky part was insulating every bit of wire because the aluminum kept catching on fire whenever I exposed it to the live wire. Small space, but...that's fine. I'm not looking forward to replacing the batteries o.0